Clutha Kids

Clutha kids gives children a chance to enhance their performance skills at the Clutha every Sunday.

cluthakids kid guitar

Any style any range.

The Clutha Kids loves to embrace the talents of children and put them on a platform. The Clutha kids has had huge success as some of the Clutha kids have gone on to get record labels, perform on the kids Voice TV show and even play at TRMST. The Clutha kids have also performed at two sold out events at the Barrowlands. This is a major part of the Clutha Trust and Is Exactly What we strive to do with in the charity.

Many kids need and want to develop their skills and we want to embrace their talents this is a safe and welcoming place to do so with the help from professionals and Supporters that cheer all the talented acts on from the crowd.

cluthakids smiling
Group of me holding up index fingers to signify One Pound donation per month for Donate to Win
Young people of CAST in black and white
black and white image of band playing in the clutha bar
Two men showing index fingers raised indicating the one of One Pound per month for donate to win
Young woman showing index finger indicating the one of One Pound per month for donate to win

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