Clutha TV

Clutha TV Is a Video promotion Service that helps Charities and Third Sector services. These videos are free of charge and to help promote the good work that charities and services are delivering. This is done with industry standard equipment and all at no cost.

Cast Montage

These are small clips of performances of C.A.S.T throughout the years. Since the early stages of the Clutha trust we have always supported up and coming actors looking for their first role in the industry. C.A.S.T also provides workshops for local schools to give kids around Glasgow a taste of what Acting is like and encourage them to take it up as a hobby. The clips shown here are from recent big bill performance and a workshop provided by C.A.S.T to one of Glasgow’s local schools.

Big Bill Show

The Big Bill Show was a huge success and completely organised and brought together by C.A.S.T. The play written by John McGlade was performed at the Oran Mor and the East Kilbride Art Centre. Critics gave great reviews and the crowd loved the show.
Big Bill Sketch

This Sketch was a promotion tool to Create a buzz about the Big Bill show. This extract was adapted to be more engaging with an online audience and to get people laughing.

Ukrainian Christmas Night

The Clutha Trust, Code Division and Spirit Aid collaborated to make it an amazing Christmas Party for these Ukrainian women and their Children! The Clutha Trust supplied the food and drinks for the event as well as hosting it in the Clutha Bar. Code Division recently delivered a Data and Business English course on behalf of SDS & Woman Returner’s to these women and are assisting in them finding jobs. The kids all received toys, gifted from Spirit Aid and handed out by Santa himself. This was an amazing night for everyone involved and the slosh was even taught as well.
Famous Clutha Pizza
The Clutha Pizza is famous throughout Glasgow and for good reason. The wood fired pizza oven gives it incredible flavour. This helped promote the ‘Pizza & Pint’ deal that is hugely popular in the Clutha Bar.
Clutha Bar

This shows the great heart of the Clutha. The live music, food, drink and amazing people who come for a pint.

Group of me holding up index fingers to signify One Pound donation per month for Donate to Win
Young people of CAST in black and white
black and white image of band playing in the clutha bar
Two men showing index fingers raised indicating the one of One Pound per month for donate to win
Young woman showing index finger indicating the one of One Pound per month for donate to win

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